Lessons from a gang cop

Lessons from a Gang Cop is a unique and compelling book. Unlike other books on the subject, it does not focus on gangs, their origins or their criminal activities. Rather, it presents the key principles Tony Moreno believes are essential for the mental, physical and emotional well-being of law enforcement and other front-line professionals dealing with gangs and fighting to make our communities safer. Full of inspiring stories and no-nonsense practical advice, this book is an indispensable resource for any gang professional wishing to be more effective and successful.
[192 pages]

What people are saying about “lessons from a gangcop” …

“Tony has created a book that is more in tune with modern day policing than any book currently available.  His knowledge of street cop psychology is nothing short of amazing.  Every officer in every department must read this book if not for the sake of the communities they serve then at least for their own gratification and sanity.”
-  Morley Lymburner, Editor, The Blue Line Law Enforcement Magazine

“Tony, I read your book last night and thought it was great.  You have a real voice and something to say.  Keep writing.  It was more than a gang book.  It was a book about living life.  I have encouraged my daughters to read it.  Reading the book was like sitting across the table from you.”
-  Brian Parry, retired, California Department of Corrections

“Exceptional reading!  Practical knowledge and extensive personal experience makes this a great reference for any front line worker.  When dealing with behavioral exceptionalities in the classroom, Tony’s common sense approach makes it very easy to apply his strategies and work effectively in some of the most difficult settings.”
- Debbie Paterson, Child and Youth Worker, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

“A book that is written by a cop who has been in the thick of the Los Angeles gang wars for nearly three decades.  It is a must read for all law enforcement professionals who deal with gangs.”
- Wes McBride, Executive Director, California Gang Investigators Association

“An essential work by a true pioneer and practitioner in the field of criminal street gangs.  A must read for both the novice and veteran investigator.”

- Colonel Rick Fuentes, Superintendent, New Jersey State Police