I am fortunate for having the opportunity to learn from and work with some of the most innovative and dedicated law enforcement professionals in the world.  Over the years, I’ve come into contact with thousands of gang members and young adults and I’ve seen why kids join gangs … and why they don’t.  I’ve also learned from my own experiences and mistakes what works and what doesn’t when dealing with the gang problem.

On a much larger scale, the gang problem is a “people problem” and is a symptom of greater issues that plague society.  Although I come from a law enforcement background, much of my training also deals with these other but related issues that affect gang members, kids and young adults, parents, educators, siblings, family members and all members of society.  I can gear the training to accommodate law enforcement officers and frontline professionals, private industry, community groups and young adults.  I have experienced a lot throughout my life both in and out of my law enforcement career.  I have managed to maintain a positive and healthy attitude and keep on smiling so I feel that I have something to share with others.

Below listed are some of the topics that I can lecture and provide training on.  Each speaking engagement is different so I alter my words and message for the audience I am speaking to while keeping in mind what needs to be said.


*  Gangs 101
*  Why Kids Join Gangs
*  Investigative Techniques
*  Leadership
*  Officer Safety
*  Interview Techniques 
*  Developing Expertise
*  Team Building
*  Prevention/Intervention Techniques
*  Tactics
*  Developing and Processing Information
*  Female Gang Members
*  Informants
*  Gang Assessment
*  Unit Supervision
*  Enforcement/Suppression Methods
*  Community Mobilization
*  Morale Building
*  Lessons From A Gang Cop
*  Training For The Educator
*  Gang Contacts
*  Gangs in the Workplace


past training

During the past 29 years, I have spoken to and conducted training for various law enforcement agencies and organizations, private companies, schools and colleges and civilian groups.  They include but are not limited to the following …

*   California Gang Investigators Association (CGIA)
*   Florida Gang Investigators Association (FGIA)
*   Crime Stoppers, International
*   United States Attorney’s Office
*   International Latino Gang Investigators Association (ILGIA)
*   Honduran National Police
*   San Jose (Ca.) Police Department
*   Central American Regional Security Initiative (CARSI)
*   Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department
*   Guns and Gang Conference, Toronto, Canada
*   Mid-Atlantic Regional Gang Investigators Network (MARGIN)
*   State of California Department of Justice
*   International Visitors Council of Los Angeles
*   Cree Nation Aboriginal Community
*   California Narcotics Officers Association (CNOA)
*   Boys and Girls Club of Canada
*   United States Border Patrol
*   Texas Gang Investigators Association (TGIA)
*   New Jersey Gang Investigators Association (NJGIA)
*   Sullivan Middle School, Bonsall, Ca.
*   Mexican-American Correctional Officers Association (MACA)
*   Canadian Police College (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
*   United States Center for A New American Security (CNAS)